The Hells Angels Nomads, New York charter was formed on November 11, 1984. The charter was created by members from Hells Angels charters, New York City and Mid-State (Troy & Binghamton). In 1984 it became the fourth charter in New York and the second Hells Angels Nomads charter in the U.S. (California being the first).

Over the years the charter covered a good portion of New York. Spanning from Utica east to Troy and south to New Rochelle.

On May 10th 2000 the Nomads charter split at it's southern end forming a new charter in New York, New Roc City.

Then in November of 2009 the Nomads charter split once again. This time on it's western end creating a central NY charter, Central Cities.

In September 2010 the Nomads charter, with most of its members living in the capital region of New York, along with its club house in Troy, became HELLS ANGELS TROY. While the central NY charter Central Cities converted back into Nomads for they will continue to carry on the Nomads charter of New York State.

History of New York:

Buffalo(1968) - Frozen in early 70's
Binghampton(1973) - Merged with Troy of 78' to create Mid-State in 1982
Troy(1978) - Merged with Binghampton to create Mid-State in 1982
Mid-State(1982) - Converted to Nomads in 1985
Central Cities(2009) - Converted back into Nomads in 2010

Current Charters of New York:

New York City(1969)
Long Island(1994)
New Roc City(2000)

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